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Joy Spinner Redesign by flippy509
Joy Spinner Redesign
Name: Joy

Surname: Spinner

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Sport: Snowboarding

Advantage Sports: Snowboarding, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, ice hockey, Track

Disadvantage Sports: Tennis, Football, Kendo, Boxing, Golf, karate

Team: Silver Castle ( Though I forgot to add It on him, I'll do It later when I'm really finished with him.)

Special: Joy Spinner use to have a special until being beaten down senseless that he couldn't feel no more pain made him lose that ability for special, though his special is actually unknown. No one else had seen It except himself, though, people that have would only see a gigantic blur with a mystical Glow to It. But. From what people say that if you can get a really close look at It and stare at It for a long time that you can see the whole thing passing by or standing there the mystical glow would either look like It's glaring at you, It would control your system/mind depending if you could handle It or not, or, that It would swallow you whole. Making you vanish or giving you internal damage, though no one is for sure what would even happen. But It rarely doesn't even happen.

Info: Unsure where he was created, Joy Spinner had been sent away to Dark Prince by his previous owner which separated him from his younger brother. Sent straight away, he had already escaped their HQ and tried to make It back home since he didn't seem to like the team and that Baseball and Soccer was mostly not his sport. On his way back home, he had soon got lost right when he made It to the snowy mountainous area. Which caused him problems, though, luckily he was specially designed to survive the cold up to a few weeks or even months before his circuits would freeze so bad that they would break, killing him instantly. But luckily finding his way but he had only went back, making him decide that he had to live on his own, he had almost died from having no fuel and a few internal repairs until he had been taken into Silver Castle. After being repaired he was about to leave but somehow decided not to, and joined their team. But from being in Dark Prince he still had the shock circuit in him, usually, because the internal damage and being beaten down up in the mountains It had cut off a certain wire that controlled his nerves. Now, he can't ever feel pain no matter what. Even anything that's strong enough to cause serious pain, though, makes It hard for him to do anything else. But he can seem happy and jolly even if he was in a condition like that, though, sometimes he wonders where his brother could be. But stays with his team for now.

Ehh, I know bad description. But It's night over here and I'm tired, so, eh..but I have a few times to get going with.
It's going to get me more tired than ever.

Joy Spinner belongs to me
Shippu! Iron Leaguer belongs to Sunrise
Eric Dagger Redesign by flippy509
Eric Dagger Redesign
Eh, didn't know why It turned out like this. camera I guess..

Name: Arik

Surname: Dagger

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sport: Baseball

Advantage Sports: Baseball, Lacrosse, Track, football, tennis, long jump

Disadvantage Sports: Basketball, hockey, Judo, archery, boxing, karate

Team: Shadow Winds

Special: Eric's special isn't much to when he played baseball, mostly being the pitcher Eric will throw the baseball hard at the opponent that the ball will start to shock and spark. Though this only works for weak leaguers, but depending on how he would be angry. The more anger he gets the stronger his pitches become.

Info: After his mother died when he was at a young age, Eric didn't take things the right way nor was happy. Though he didn't know of how the death went, he had been asking his father but never got an answer. Not taking It the right way he had ran away from home for a while, mostly if he was going to cry or that he needed to be alone and cool off. But running away Eric couldn't remember what happened next as everything went black for him, probably just tripping and bumping his head hard or he just knocked into something while he ran. Waking up after three days of being out Arik found himself back into the HQ and almost his whole family surrounding him, he wondered why they stared at him strangely but also worriedly until he felt weird and touched the sides of his head and felt ears. Arik had almost went rampaged with confusion and being scared to what happened, even his eye color changing from green to a golden honey color and with a tail. Though getting confused and scared he couldn't much as he had suddenly errors in his systems and a virus for an unknown reason, but also reminded him that when everything went black a few images of only blurs. But, dark figures that were also a blur standing by him and nothing else as he could only remember that. But Eric didn't seem the same anymore as he was struck more and didn't move much after when his errors and virus was tried to get removed and destroyed, taking longer than expected though It was all out. Eric had acted different after the day, still at that young age he became playful, though, getting mad he had went out of control. Not looking much different as only his tail and ears would puff up and he would dare attack whoever had made him mad as he couldn't help It at all and couldn't control himself. After a few incidents Eric always stayed out of sight and with his father at all times, almost doing this for years until soon he got use to what he was and would always be. Ignoring the harsh comments was hard for him to try and ignore, the staring and glaring also hard as he had almost went on another rampaged but went home as soon he felt like that was about to happen. Being at the age 17 which he is now, Eric acts more cheerful and happy to others. Getting glares and harsh comments still he just tries to push them away, being the youngest of his whole family from his three oldest brothers and his four sisters Eric doesn't mind being the youngest to his whole family. Being the age he is now his father finally told him of his mothers death since old enough, but just hearing had made them angry but sad, finally from who even killed her. But Arik had ran away from that part before hearing It, needing time again as he felt like he couldn't hear more. Though a part of him told him that he shouldn't worry and to stop crying always, though forcing not to listen made him burst out with feeling as he couldn't control himself longer which caused him to have more errors. Though never told anyone as he only took the errors and what was left with happiness and sadness, days Eric can act so happy and from any comment that would be harsh he wouldn't react, but later he can act sad and can have many emotions. But just one wrong move to get him angry he can't control It anymore, the instinct like a wolf his tail and ears poof up again, though his eyes become cold and dark as if they were taken out including that his whole body would vanish for a moment in smoke before It disappeared and looked like he was torn and ripped apart from the ones who had done this to him. Getting him that angry could cause anyone into horrible death or to critical damage that leaves scars.

Eric Dagger belongs to me

Shippu! Iron leaguer belongs to Sunrise
Dylan Shooter Redesign by flippy509
Dylan Shooter Redesign
Name: Dylan

Surname: Shooter

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Sport: Golf

Advantage Sports: Golf, Soccer, Baseball, boxing, track, ice hockey

Disadvantage Sports: Basketball, Karate, Kendo, bowling, archery, wushu

Team: None

Special: Dylan's move isn't much and he doesn't frankly use It as much as he use to in the past with his old team, though there are two kinds. Both similar in same, with Golf he would be on fire though It is mixed with a few colors to confuse the player. If hit at the right moment the golf ball will be sent forward directly with incredible speed, depending if you hit It at the right time if It get's to the hole or not. Soccer is kind of the same. He will go up in flames, though, this is harder since there are other players. If hit at the correct moment and location the ball will be going in incredible speed though seems to have types of patterns each time like zigzags, double crosses, anything that you wouldn't see in daily life. But really, since this wasn't special to him anymore he never gave this kind of move a name.

Info: Dylan's a serious leaguer you don't want to mess, with powerful reflexes and incredible speed this makes him visible to others now since the incident had happened in a later year. Though Dylan can be serious, grumpy, made at times either that he is actually mad or disturbed. He is also happy, glad, thoughtful at times. But a part of that was in the late year also, he still may be serious today but he is still kind. Dylan doesn't show his feelings out much and instead keeps It to himself. Almost everything he keeps to himself that seems to remain secret or for a good purpose that no one should know. But also, he can get angry enough that if your the one messing around him or with a friend that's in a bad way. He can almost brake your hand just in a tight squeeze. Anyways. In that late year Dylan was created in America in a small factory to where Golf Leaguers were built, he was suppose to be sent to somewhere in America but instead to Japan just by a mixed up order in which wasn't fixed and kept that way, Dylan wasn't too thrilled into going through gold tournaments and only did It for a few years before moving onto soccer. Assigned into a team to where the owner seemed mean but the players kindly, he wasn't confirmed at first until after a player left they had accepted him. But, the Owner, just so he/she wouldn't have to deal with finding another one. The team called 'Sparking spiders' into which the team seemed dark colors except for Dylan looking like a walking candy cane color. He got along finely with the team and each tournament they seem to get stronger and to also grow a stronger relationship. But, what Dylan didn't know was. When he was in the process of creation It seemed one of the machines malfunctioned and never finished him correctly even though he seemed to work, though, that problem is unknown. It was also a couple of years in soccer that he enjoyed but then that problem coming in, making him somehow hallucinate like a human and to go a bit insane. Because of that problem It made him think everybody treated him badly until finally, he snapped, accidently and almost killing a leaguer on the field. After that incident the game was canceled and to be played on another night, but, Dylan got yelled from his Owner but he didn't mind in which he needed It actually. The Owner didn't seem to thrilled about Dylan and decided to do something nasty, after actually able to reprogram one of the members that member almost killed Dylan. Giving him internal wounds inside and outside, some didn't matter and others did. A few opened gaps that were small and dents but one leg probably half gone and the rest still there. Making It hard for Dylan to try and get back to HQ that took a few hours until once he got there, his team was gone and almost everything except a few tools and a few tools for repairs. Dylan was raged with anger than that his team abandoned him, but quickly, with the sudden remaining tools. Dylan repaired himself, though, because of not all the right tools and materials he was only able to fix parts of his legs and the gaps. Though seeming his team abandoned him Dylan started thinking his team didn't actually abandon him since they were nice to him for those years and seemed to have strong relationships, making him later on discover that he was part right. His team didn't abandon him, instead, for a test their Owner took the one he/she reprogrammed and melted him into scrap before you even know It. And took the rest of his team mates away for more melting down even though they tried to get free, one only made It alive but instead is somewhere else. Dylan couldn't search much and had to stay in an gigantic old shed that he had found when trying to walk far to keep himself out of sight. Though he can't pay for proper repairs Dylan sometimes tries to go on and to find that remaining team mate. But couldn't do more after that until he was found by another leaguer and brought in for those repairs in which Dylan didn't have to pay. Dylan was thoughtful after that to the leaguer and the leaguer seemed to be happy and thoughtful back into now they seemed to be partners until the remaining years they went both separate ways. The leaguer unknown, but Dylan just went on now but still hid though not In the shed. And usually hides in dark wide spaces or rooftops that seem to be reachable for him even though he would meet leaguers up there. Though they don't seem to mess with each other that much unless it was a fight they want.

Dylan Shooter belongs to me

Shippu! Iron Leaguer belongs to Sunrise
Shippu! Iron Leaguer FC Jian by flippy509
Shippu! Iron Leaguer FC Jian
Name: Jian

Surname: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Sport: Wushu

Advantage Sports: Wushu, Karate, Kendo, Taekwondo, soccer, baseball, Boxing

Disadvantage Sports: Football, Ice Hockey, Bowling, Archery, Shooting, track, tennis

Team: Unknown

Special: Unknown

Info: Jian was a young leaguer back then and created in China, It actually took a couple of months but just on one of the months that he was almost done his creator suddenly stopped finishing him and just disappeared. He was unfinished for years until he just went online suddenly, making him confused and a bit scared to what was going on and where he was in which Jian didn't even know what the place was actually. Seeing that he was undone he kept It that way and went on, causing him problems after he left which was hard. He couldn't think, he couldn't learn, he couldn't walk right, he couldn't move right, nothing. Until after someone had took him in but just for a reason to fight, he was finally finished in under a year. Though, the only problem he still had was with walking. A few times he seems to limp when he's not hurt and mostly his knees and legs giving out on him, he still had to fight in Leagues mostly involving Wushu, he wasn't allowed to leave with out permission at all also. Though he was fine with It, as long what he had Jian was thankful for. A few times Jian can have anger issues but a funny personality, he doesn't tend to look sad even when sometimes he is.

Jian belongs to me

Shippu! Iron leaguer belongs to Sunrise

..I DON'T..

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Well school's here again, wohoo... starts on Tuesday for me

AND now teachers are getting more strict because  of last year and definitely what happened on the last day and even because of that they put more security camera's around the whole school and even outside of the school.

Great, now I'll be watched. GREAT *slams head on desk*

Well, yea, all I have to say. Ignore cause I don't really care

bye bye~! *swooshes swish swash mash mash*

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  • Drinking: still nothing..


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Karato (information) by flippy509
Gen(new look) by flippy509
Wizruru(Battle/making form and information below) by flippy509
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Blurr drawing by flippy509
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